Virtual Reality Definition – The Informative Guide

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Using Computer Technology to create a simulated environment is the simplest definition of Virtual Reality. Head Mounted Display is the display device, worn on the head, that has a small display optic in front of one or each eye. It’s the display technology that creates the difference and creates a difference between immersive Virtual Reality Systems and Traditional ones.

Virtual Reality Players:

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • PlayStation VR (PSVR)

Virtual Reality put the user inside an experience. Way beyond viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. It does so by simulating as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing, touch, even smell. The computer program is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world.

The difference: Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality?

In One word they are two sides of the same coin. In simple terms think of Augmented Reality as VR with one foot in the real world. However Augmented Reality simulates artificial objects in the real environment; Virtual Reality creates an artificial environment to inhabit.

Augmented Reality:

The computer uses sensors and complex algorithms to determine the position and orientation of a camera, then AR technology comes into the play by rendering the 3D graphics as they would appear from the viewpoint of the camera, it superimposes the computer-generated images over user’s view of the real world.

Virtual Reality:

The computer uses similar sensors and complex math. The difference is that, rather than locating a real camera within a physical environment, it works on the position of the user’s eyes within the simulated environment. With the movement’s of the user’s head, the graphics react accordingly. VR technology creates an interactive world for the user.

Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality
Image Credit: Emantras

How Virtual Reality Works:

To enjoy the Virtual Reality all you need is HMD first.

HMD is equipped with the display in front of your eyes.

Then different scenes are shown on the display in a 3D manner to make them appear happening live in front of your eyes

Other accessories or physical tools are sometimes used to create another level experience like hand controllers to navigate through the virtual environment

Haptic feedback systems are used to provide vibrating sensations just like you do in video games, the whole point is to make the scene look more real
You can point and click in virtual reality using the controller for a better experience.

There are other sensors used to track your movements across a room and the VR helmet moves you in the virtual environment accordingly creating a different level experience

How Virtual Reality is being used today

Virtual Reality is undoubtedly largely is largely used in the gaming industry nowadays. Oculus Rift headsets have already been used into games like Grand Theft and Skyrim, but fresh games like Elite: Dangerous comes with built-in headset support. The gaming industry has been quickest to adapt as the hardware for true Virtual Reality gaming has become more widely available. Virtual Reality is completely revolutionizing the gaming experience.

Virtual Reality and data visualization

Virtual Reality has also benefited Scientific and Engineering data visualization, the recent innovations in display technology has generated interests in everything from architecture to weather models to molecular visualization.

VR for aviation, medicine, and the military

Virtual Reality is also being used in aviation, medicine, and military training as an alternative to expensive equipment, dangerous situations or sensitive technology.

Virtual Reality is used in training pilots in realistic cockpits with VR technology that incorporate virtual flight and live instructions.

In the medical profession, surgeons can train with virtual tools and patients using VR technology and can polish their skills before moving to the operation theater or even as practice sessions. Studies have already shown a positive response that such training leads to faster and efficient doctors with fewer mistakes.

Virtual raids can be conducted by the Police and the soldiers by avoiding putting lives at risk.

The treatment of mental illness

Virtual Reality can also help in the treatment of a mental illness which includes post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental disorders. The technology provides powerful therapy sessions. Whether its overcoming phobias or a veteran confronting challenges in a controlled environment, VR technology has potential beyond gaming, industrial and marketing applications.

virtual reality roller coaster

It’s a special kind of amusement park ride attraction. It consists of a roller coaster facility or a ride that can be experienced through virtual reality headsets.

It was first operated in late 2015. Since then, this technology has been adopted by several theme parks all over the world to extend the level of user experience.

Virtual Reality in Education

The virtual reality with it’s beginning in the entertainment area has got practical use too. And education did not stand aloof. Virtual Reality in education is making the study process exciting and more effective. The virtual reality simulations provide a deep understanding of the material by a learner with its further application in real life.

Virtual Reality in education can take the system to another level as the fact that the brain tends to remember on 10% of what it reads, 20 % of what it hears but 90% of what it does or simulates. So it’s obvious how it can revolutionize the whole education system.

According to the latest polls by the teachers :

68% wants to use VR to supplement course for a better understanding of the study material by the students

72% wants to reproduce real-life experiences related to the course with the help of VR

69% are those who are ready for virtual traveling to distant destinations such as space, planets to let students explore in virtually

42% of 9-12 grades’ teachers want to help students decide their university on the basis of virtual tours using VR.

Virtual Trips

VR provided the ability of virtual field trips without physically present or in case of inaccessible places.

Special Education

VR comes to play in the lives of people with physical disabilities, they can explore the world through a VR headset.

Content Creation

Virtual Reality courses are more often created for science and history classes. But the format can be applied to different subjects as well.

Medical Programs

Virtual Reality is now playing a big part in the field of medicine. Different programmed are aimed to prepare doctors and nurses with the help of simulation to help practice different clinical cases and improve skills.


Virtual Reality also plays a significant role in helping students studying complex materials through practical tasks to give them a better understanding of the subject.

Distant Learning

Virtual Classes are a thing now thanks to virtual reality. Online learning is becoming more convenient by providing a sense of presence.


Virtual Reality has also started to transform the design process on a different level. It can aid design and modeling to progress to a different level. The technology allows the 3D creation of models, displaying all the features and details and provides a real-time like environment for testing.

virtual reality future

Virtual Reality is advancing every day, it has started to integrate other technologies as well like binaural audio and photogrammetry which is making it even more robust.

In Cinema

The power of Virtual Reality is transforming the viewer’s experience day by day by immersing them into the scene. The technology has already amazed the Coachella crowd in 2012 when a computer-generated Tupac Shakur appeared on stage with fellow hip-hop Snoop Dogg. Other people like Elton John and his team digitally recreated two of his memorable concert performances in Virtual Reality for promotion of his 2018 events.

Immersive TV

In the near future, Virtual Reality will completely transform the Television by providing virtually immersive tv shows. It will include 360-degree VR channels as an additive technology.

The programmers will be able to compile footage to create events from anywhere in the world and the VR technology will bring them to viewers at home.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Reality will transform the nature of both entertainment and education. In the near future, 360-degree programming will place viewers in the driver’s seat of a flying car or face-to-face with the “Mona Lisa.” These experiences will be available to the viewers from the comfort of their couch. It is indeed a revolutionary technology.

A lot can be achieved with Virtual Reality in the upcoming future. The whole viewing experience is about to get on another level.

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