Top 6 wifi file transfer apps for android

Searching for top 6 wifi file transfer apps? No worries we have that article too. Here we are with  a great article on top 6 wifi file transfer apps for android.

Transferring files over has always been a pain, or you can say headache, but now we have apps that have made it easier for us to share files over. Now with the top apps in the Android marketplace, it has become a lot easier to share files over.

Remember the days when we had to use infrared, Bluetooth to share files over, it was very slow and time-consuming and equally annoying. But with the introduction to android and new apps, it has now become much easier and time saver.

With these apps, all you need now is to open the app, and with the touch of the button, you can share files across different devices. Android has already revolutionized the world, and with the introduction to these apps, it has now dropped the file sharing times from minutes to seconds.

ShareIt By Lenovo

Share is one of the best and most popular wifi file transfer app for Android. The interface is very user-friendly, and everyone with the shareIt app installed on their smartphone can share files with other’s having the same app.

ShareIt works on transferring files over wifi. ShareIt has been an all-time popular app in the Android marketplace. Users can use SHAREit to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps, and any other files.

ShareIt not only allows Android users but Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices to transfer files directly. It uses a secure connection protocol and has transfer speeds faster than Bluetooth and NFC.


Xender is another popular file sharing app. Xender is one step ahead by giving the option to transfer in the group. There can be one sender and multiple receivers.

It allows users to transfer files of different types and sizes between devices, either Android or iOS based. You don’t need any internet connection to share files over xender.

Xender provides users the powerful function“Connect to PC” which offers connectivity between phone and computer or smart TV with many excellent features.


SuperBeam is another wifi file transfer app. It accommodates the feature of Xender and ShareIt, but the dominant feature it has over them is the method it uses to pair your Android phone or tablet to the computer.

You can pair via NFC or QR codes, which makes it very simple instead of finding the devices or sharing keys. The file transfer speeds are dependent on the Wifi capabilities of the devices you’re using.


AirDroid allows you to manage and access your Android device from windows system. It is a useful file sharing app if you want to share files to and from your system with the Android device.

AirDroid works like a PC suite. You can scan the QR code and start sharing files over.


Pushbullet is one of the most popular apps in the play store. You can use pushbullet to share links to and from your smartphone to other devices. You can also get your smartphone notifications on your system using pushbullet on both devices.

With pushbullet, you can easily share links and can even share files. You can manage your devices. Free pushbullet allows you to send files up to 25MB and storage space up to 2GB. Pro pushbullet enables you to send up to 1GB and storage space up to 100Gb.


Portal is also a part of pushbullet. Sharing files over portal is very easy, you should have portal installed on your smartphone and then visit from your pc and scan the barcode and drag and drop files which you want to share over.

Portal is very fast when it comes to transferring files over your system and your device. You can manage multiple devices through the portal. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly.


Final Words:

This is just the top 6 most popular wifi file transfer apps; I know there are a lot of others in the market out there. Android marketplace is updating every day with better and efficient apps, and existing apps get updates too and introduce new features occasionally. These apps are the base of file sharing apps to this date.

Above apps have performed very well to this date and have gained many star ratings and have won millions of people’s hearts. If you guys do have your list of file sharing apps, then feel free to share in the comments section below.

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