Shopify Chat – 6 Best Live Chat Apps to Grow your Business in 2019

Are you concerned about competitive e-commerce market? Are you interacting with your customers the right way? Does your Shopify store offer Live Chat Support to guide your customers throughout the journey? If yes then good, you are already way ahead of your competitors. But if your answer is NO then we have 6 Best Shopify Chat Apps for you to Grow Your Business in 2019.

A Quick Note:

With the fast developing world, everything is going online and business is one of them. Gone are the days when you have to go physically to buy the product or service you need. Now it’s just a matter of seconds and you can order what you want.

One thing that has developed more significantly with the rise of the internet is selling business or e-commerce. More and more businesses are getting online and the competition is very high. To compensate and to help the business grow many companies are providing platforms for online businesses and Shopify is one of them.

The Shopify Platform

The growth of e-commerce business has lead to the development of many e-commerce platforms such as Magento, open cart, woocommerce and much more. Every platform has different features and approaches. Shopify has been popular with many businesses reporting more than 600,000 merchants as per August 2017 database and according to W3Techs report, Shopify holds a total of 2.7 % of all CMS websites.

Merchants love Shopify because of its self-hosted feature. You don’t have to stress about finding a good hosting platform, hiring a developer to fix hosting issues, talk to hosting provider and then talk to a developer in case of issues and so on. With Shopify, all you need to do is to set up your store and add payment method for auto monthly payments as per your plan and focus on business instead of the website.

Shopify does provide developer support if you want to go with customizations or you can hire a developer on your end. Because of Shopify’s self-hosted capabilities, you don’t even need to worry about hackers accessing your root files or injecting malicious code files. Because Shopify is a self-hosted platform on their own servers, nobody has access to the root files of the Shopify apart from the template files.

Apart from self-hosted features and limitations to the core files, Shopify does provides an app store to enhance the features of your store. All the apps on the Shopify App Store are self-hosted meaning they don’t even have access to Shopify root.

Shopify App Store provides a wide range of Apps to add more features to your store. The feature we are going to discuss today is the most popular and trending feature right now and that is Live Chat Support.

Why Live Chat App

With the strong competition, the one who is upgrading will stay. Nowadays more and more customers are shopping online and without proper support and assistance, they are not gonna convert into potential buyers.

When you shop offline, you go to the store and assists by the salesmen who follows you throughout the journey and answer your queries, tells you the features of different products gains your confidence and turns your journey into a purchase.

This is how customers want when purchasing online, they need to be sure enough you are following them, answering their queries, assisting them in finding the right product as per their needs. Now that the whole process is online, you need to be virtually present with your customer throughout the process.

This is when Live Chat Apps come into the play. Shopify App Store provides a variety of Live Chat Apps providing different features to enhance your store capabilities. We have shortlisted a few quality and popular Shopify Live Chat Apps from the Shopify App Store to break down the barrier for you.

1) Tidio Live Chat

Tidio live chat for Shopify includes live chat, auto responds bots and marketing automation features to meet the high expectations in this fast-paced online world.

With Tidio Live Chat you can:-

Respond on Chat and Messenger

This Shopify live chat app integrates all your live chat, email and messenger communication in a single panel. Also offers a free mobile app as well.

Enable Auto Responding Bots

  • It provides you with artificially intelligent bots which can react according to the customer’s behavior and also can reclaim abandoned carts.
  • Bots will even respond to customers queries when no one is around; they usually automatically replies to 43% of the most popular queries.
  • After installation you can add bots that can check on product availability and can answer for the same question, can let the customer’s know about the delivery status and can provide estimated delivery time.
  • Bot can transfer the call to an operator just in case there is an issue.

Tidio Live Shopify Chat provides dedicated tracking and bots are intelligent enough to ask reasons for not getting through a purchase and can also offer the customers discounts which can prevent abandoned checkouts.

With email and messenger integration you will always be able to get in touch with your customers. Tidio live chat offers all the channels in one place. Their free mobile app is also convenient when it comes to getting in touch with the customer.

The tidio live chat widget design is also very modern, and you can also adjust the color scheme according to your store theme. The design is very user-friendly and not very complicated.

Some Other Points:

  • Tidio supports multiple languages
  • 4.8 ratings on Shopify app store
  • Variety of Automation and bot templates to choose from
  • Rich widget and customization options
  • You can see what your visitor is typing in real time
  • 24/5 support
  • Supports 20+ integrations including (GetResponse, Zendesk, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Zapier)



  •  Price: Free
  • 3 users for a lifetime
  • Live Chat
  • Messenger Integration
  • Email Integration
  • iOS & Android App
  • 100 Automation Events /month


  • $15/month
  • $10 for any further operator
  • Live Typing Preview
  • Live Visitor List
  • Viewed Pages


  • $15/month
  • $30 for 20k events, $45 for 100k, $60 for unlimited
  • 5.000 Additional Automation Events



With live Shopify chat app you can monitor your visitors in real time. Integrating to your Shopify store can increase conversion rates by helping the customers through pain points.

You can stay connected with your customers through your computer and even your mobile as well. It is a free Shopify live chat app, which is a solid reason to have this app on your store.

You can enable multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard to chat with the visitors. It is also compatible with all modern browsers and responds in real time. live chat is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX to make sure there aren’t any platform barriers and you can get in touch with your customers from everywhere and every device.

  • provides chat and ticketing system to connect with your customers seamlessly
  • You can monitor and chat with visitors.
  • The interface is conducive and user-friendly
  • 4.5 ratings on Shopify app store
  • 24×7-365 live support

Price: Free


3)LiveChat ‑ live chat software

LiveChat Shopify chat app lets you talk to your on-site visitors. You can have direct contact with the customers.

LiveChat can manage communications and interactions with customers. It provides an easy way to handle all sales and support queries. It comes with different tools and features to connect and communicate with the customers as they come by.

You can engage your customers, see live interactions with your pages and can also move your customers through the purchase process. You can also hold multiple live chat sessions at the same time, can also send canned responses and can also send frequently asked questions, add chat tags and review chat transcripts and can also send files to the customers through the live chat window.

It also provides a feature called Greetings which allows you to invite customers to chat when they are actively engaging on the website. The invitations are based on live chat triggers like the number of visited pages or time spent on the site etc.

LiveChat Shopify chat app also provides you with the ability to respond to offline messages by the customers as they are saved within the user dashboard as tickets. These tickets can be used for managing and tracking conversations.

the BotEngine extension lets you set up an automated bot for handling your customer’s requests.

  • You can add a live chat option to every page
  • A Few minutes to install
  • Handle an unlimited number of live chats with an n number of customers
  • Supports 45 languages
  • Customizable chat window
  • Live chat bot integration and ticketing system for more advanced handling and automated responses.
  • You can chat from mobile also
  • 4.2-star ratings on Shopify app store
  • 24×7-365 support
  • Integrates with (Google Analytics, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, MailChimp, Zendesk, Facebook)



  • $39/month
  • Full chat customization
  • Unlimited chat history
  • Ticketing system
  • Proactive chats
  • Visitors tracking
  • Reports and analytics
  • Mobile apps
  • 30-day free trial

4)Pure Chat ‑ Free Live Chat

Shopify Chat - PureChat Live Chat App

Pure Chat Shopify live chat app helps you engage visitors instantly. You can connect with your visitors by answering questions immediately providing real-time support.

Pure chat also enables you to customize your chat widget according to your shop theme or whatever you want. It behaves the way you want it to at every interaction point.

Pure Chat mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices to help you connect to your customers from your devices as well.

No code is required to set up Pure Chat. You will be able to make all the customizations from the dashboard. It also eliminates per operator costs and chat limits, so that you can leverage the power of live chat without worrying about extra costs as your team grows.

It has 3.8 ratings on the Shopify app store. The design is also, and the interface is user-friendly not much cluttered or complicated.

Shopify Chat - Pure Chat Live Chat App

Free Plan

  • Three users/operators
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Chat History
  • Advanced widget customizations
  • File transfer over the chat window
  • Chat Alerts
  • Auto email when unavailable for chat
  • Scheduling
  • built-in SSL
  • Canned responses

Pro Plan

  • Free Plan Features
  • Unlimited users
  • Real-time visitor analytics
  • Visitor tracking
  • Visitor details
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Use on unlimited websites
  • Remove branding
  • Trigger-based actions and alerts
  • Comprehensive account statistics and reports
  • SMS notifications
  • CSV exports for reports & contacts
  • Integrates with(Google Analytics, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, zapier)

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5) Chatra Live Chat

Chatra Shopify Live Chat app provides live chat capabilities from desktop and mobile as well. You can answer questions, cross-sell and upsell, which can increase the number of orders and can boost sales.

Chatra provides automatic bots to set up canned responses like”Hey, can we help you with anything?”, this can build confidence in customers, and they will be free to ask questions.

You can use this app to collect actionable feedback and can use it to improve your store and can understand your customers in a better way. It allows you to see the shopper’s cart items in real time So that you can quickly identify most potential customers.

  • Proactively contacts customers stuck on the checkout
  • See the customer’s and their cart in real time and can initiate an auto chat.
  • Facebook Messenger chat integration
  • See live customer’s type even before they hit send, so to prepare an answer.
  • Enable group chats to solve multiple departmental issues
  • Know your customers in real time, with what page they are on, from which device, etc.
  • Manage chat history.
  • Bot contact form collects contact information from the customers so that you can get back to them.
  • Initiate chat when specific criteria are met or targeted conversations
  • Ability to correct answers after sending in a chat
  • Works on Windows, iOS, Android or even Nintendo
  • Visitors can see photos and names of online agents.
  • 4.9 rating on Shopify app store
  • Free forever plan.
  • Integrates with(Front, Help Scout, Slack, Zapier, Webhooks, Facebook)


  • Free Forever
  • Most features


  • $19/month
  • Real-time visitor list
  • Detailed visitor info
  • Intelligent chat form bot
  • Targeted chats (triggers)
  • Typing insights
  • Saved replies
  • File transfer

6)Re: amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk

Reamaze Shopify live chat app provides multi-channel customer support. It helps in managing customers through live chat, email facebook messenger, twitter, Instagram and SMS.

Reamaze provides you an ability to have a live chat with your customers. You can use automated chatbots to answer quickly, send auto messages and can reduce cart abandonment.

It can provide you with real-time customer data, apply for refunds and also can add notes. Reamaze also offers you the ability to see cart contents in real time.

  • Create Macros to reply quickly
  • Access order details, histories
  • See real-time cart contents and customer’s screens
  • Process refunds and cancellations
  • Add contacts and send messages
  • Fully customizable live chat support
  • SEO friendly scripts for faster page loads
  • Conditions and triggers for more rapid responses
  • Send discounts, promotions via live chat
  • FAQ bot and Help bot can chat with customers
  • Team activity sharing
  • Response templates
  • 5.0-star rating on Shopify app store
  • Integrates with(Slack, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Shipstation,, and 15 more)


  • $20/month
  • $20 per additional staff user.
  • Unlimited email inboxes
  • Social media & SMS support
  • Live Chat
  • Shopify integration & customer events
  • Reporting
  • Auto Workflows


  • $40/month
  • $40 per additional staff user.
  • Basic +
  • Multiple stores
  • Live dashboard
  • Surveys
  • Advanced reporting
  • Staff Roles
  • Custom email templates
  • Enterprise plans for 50+ agents


  • $50/month
  • $50 flat rate per month
  • Are you just starting up? Get all of the features in Basic for unlimited team members. Limited to 500 Active Conversations per month.


  • $60/month
  • $60 per additional staff user
  • Basic + Pro +
  • Peek (Screensharing)
  • Staff Performance Reporting
  • Staff Roles
  • Satisfaction Ratings
  • Optional Classic Chat Mode
  • SAML/SSO Integration

Final Words

Integration of a Live Chat App in your Shopify Store is one of the best investment you can make right now. With the market getting more competitive day by day the one who will be investing in upgrading their store will stand out more.

Customers want assistance, they want to feel special when they are shopping online. A simple live chat app with enhanced features can boost their confidence in buying online.

This was our shortlist of Popular Live Shopify Chat Apps. We hope it will benefit your business and will save you a lot of research time in finding out the best app for your store. You can also comment us with your favorite Shopify Live Chat App along with the features you like in the comments section.

We will do quick research on the app you will share and will update the post accordingly.

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