Google Chrome Tweaks – The 2019 Shortlist

Do you know Google Chrome Browser has some surprise features for you? Have you ever checked them? If not then dont stop here, Read the whole post to find out what you are missing

Majority of internet user’s love Google Chrome, its undoubtedly fast, fully loaded store with different extensions. It does provides an array of options but there are some other experimental features too which are hidden under.

To access them you need to type in chrome://flags/ in your Google Chrome Browser bar.

Google has a warning for all of us accessing them:

WARNING: EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES AHEAD! By enabling these features, you could lose browser data or compromise your security or privacy. Enabled features apply to all users of this browser.

But I guess you need to take some risks or you can just close the page and relax as you are not getting in any trouble.

Disable incognito mode detection

  • Search for “Filesystem API in Incognito”
  • Change the settings to Enabled

Chrome Experimental File System API

Prevent websites manipulating back button

It might have happened to you after visiting a website just to found not relevant and then you hit the back button and the website loads again keeping you locked in.

But dont worry Google Chrome Experimental Tools have solution for the same:

  • Search “New history entries require a user gesture.”
  • Change the setting to Enabled

Chrome Experimental Tools New History Entries

Prevent Autoplay

Autoplay is sometimes or most of the times very annoying. You have your headphones on with full system volume and bam autoplay starts.

Its even annoying when you are in a quite room with alot of windows open and bam autoplay starts and then you figure out which window it is by looking at the sound icon on browser window.

But dont worry Chrome Experimental Features include this too:

  • Search AutoPlay Policy
  • Choose Document User Activation is Required

Chrome Experimental Tools Prevent Autoplay

Accelerate Downloads

Speed up your downloads by activating the Parallel Downloading option.

  • Search Parallel downloading
  • Change the setting to Enabled

Chrome Experimental Tools Parallel Downloads

Tab hover cards

Replace the old boring tooltip when you hover over browser tabs with an interesting card featuring the sneak peek of the website opened in another tab without switching to the tab.

  • Search Tab Hover Cards and Tab Hover Cards Images
  • Choose option Enabled

Chrome Experimental Tools Tab Hover Cards

Count of opened incognito windows

Want to know the count of opened incognito windows? Chrome Experimental has this too.

  • Search Incognito Window Counter
  • Choose Enabled

Chrome Experimenent Incognito Count

Avoid Redirection Spam

You clicked on a link and now several pages are open. Its annoying and spammy as well. Who likes bad user experience, but to tackle this Google Chrome Experimental Tools have something for you.

  • Search “Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture”
  • Choose Enabled

Chrome Experimenent Avoid Redirection Spam

Password Import

Google Chrome Experimental Tools also offers an option to export the passwords out of the box, but if you want to be able to bring passwords into the browser here is another option.

  • Search “Password import”
  • Choose enabled

Chrome Experimenent Password Import

Search Query in Omnibox

When enabled while viewing the search results it will only show earch query in the omnibox.

  • Search “Query in Omnibox”
  • Choose Enabled

Chrome Experimenent Search Query in Omnibox

PDF form data

Tired of filling PDF forms again and again the same data? Dont worry with the Save PDF Forms Chrome Experimental Tool you can save the forms with the data within the chrome.

  • Search “Save PDF Forms”
  • Choose Enabled

Chrome Experimenent Save PDF Form Data

Final Thoughts

Chrome Experimental Tools can add value to the browsing experience, although these tools are experimental but you can play around with these tools and find out if they suits your needs.

What is more better then finding the perfect tool within the browser. I would advise you all to try different tools and see which of them adds value to your browsing experience. Don;t be afraid of trying new things.

Let me know in the comments if you do have a list, So we can put them here.

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