Digital Marketing Trends – The 2019 Marketview

Digital Marketing: A Numerical Marketview

The all-time one of the hottest digital marketing trends is the giant Facebook. Facebook gets an estimated 19.2 billion visits a month. According to statista’s last 2018 Q4 report, it was found that 1.52 billion active users visited the social network on a daily basis.

LinkedIn – 917 million visitors a month
Twitter – 3.62 billion visitors a month
YouTube – 22.77 billion visitors a month
Pinterest – 722 million visitors a month
Instagram – 2.86 billion visitors a month

Stay tuned the post also contains a video to give you a deep insight into the hottest Digital Marketing Trends in 2019.

1. The Insta Life

Instagram undoubtedly is high on traffic these days and one of the popular digital marketing trends. Businesses are shifting to Instagram. Instagram is currently high on rankings and provides high organic reach.

Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Promotions, Instagram Marketing is the thing of now. In 2019 you should take it seriously it’s one of the hottest Digital Marketing Trend of 2019.

You should start on focusing on Instagram, promote your content, make short live videos, get on live few times a day, it will help you in growing your followers and eventually will profit you in your business too.

Instagram paid promotion is also on the hike nowadays, a very basic charge and they will help you in reaching the masses.

2. Facebook Messenger

The power of Facebook Messenger is now empowering the business Models. Facebook still is the king in capturing users. Facebook gets an estimated 19.2 billion visits a month.

That means it is still a hot digital marketing trend in 2019. Chat applications are using the power of facebook messenger with automated bots to use the messenger as a communication medium.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to rise adding new features to its platform. LinkedIn provides a different approach in the case of digital marketing.

In low-level language, it lets you set up a professional profile and connect with other professionals you know or want to know. LinkedIn provides a blog promotion tool, which is fantastic for regular updates and promotions as well. You can develop a good reputation by requesting recommendations from customers and can generate new leads.

LinkedIn ads are getting cheaper and easy to establish. 2019 is about inMail marketing and LinkedIn Lead Generation advertisements.

4. Videos

In 2019 videos are the thing. If you are not creating video content, you are gonna lag behind. All the big platforms Facebook, Instagram, google love videos. They seriously love to video content.

None of the platforms wants the user to bypass them using external links, So they love when someone posts video content. The amount that a user spends on their platforms is the real key to success for them.

Even google search engine loves video content. If you are a blogger you must have relevant video content in your posts, Google loves it. if you have relevant video content in your rich content posts then there might be chances that your posts will rank well.

Most of the platforms provide live video feature, it’s common nowadays but not very commonly used as a marketing tool. Through the use of live videos, you can promote your services, content instantly without any cost.

The best feature of the live video is its an instant marketing tool, you can see the responses in real time, interact with your customers in real time.

5. Voice Search

Voice Search is already started booming. It has been estimated that by 2020 50% of all searches will be a voice. As people are getting lazier they don’t want to type anymore instead they love voice search.

The older generation is the highest user of voice search. Voice search is kind of easy instead of typing. By using voice search the words will be more natural and long tail. You should know about long tail keywords if you want to stay on the top.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence has been in the talks from the past few years and continues to be a hot topic still now. The web experience is changing. With AI integration live chats have become more powerful.

Live automated chatbots are now handling the clients when you are away or cannot have a dedicated team to interact on common questions.

From order status to Frequently asked questions, From user behavior to real-time cart items, AI is dominating the web. Websites with live chatbots have higher conversion rates. AI is making it possible for the chatbots to quickly engage with the user.

7. Instagram Facebook Google Promotional Tools

Instagram Promotions, Facebook Campaigns, Youtube Featured contents are still the rock hard strategy to reach the millions. You can easily make your product, business, blog reach the masses without any pain.

These platforms charge a small fee and help in accelerating your business growth instantly. Every single second million and billions of people are using one of these platforms and by promoting your content to the masses you can get the results instantly.

A way better approach than traditional marketing where you have to bear a different kind of expenses to reach the masses, whether its flyers, announcements, tv advertisements. Nowadays all you need is content. If you have the rich content in the proper combination of text, videos, podcasts you can easily gain momentum.

8. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Tools will continue to dominate. They are gonna save you an ample amount of time while you focus on other tasks.

There is a long list of marketing tools available in the market. As with the advancement of technology more and more tools and features are making it easy for you to look after different tasks even when you are busy on other tasks.

Some of a few tools include:

  • to automate more timely emails
  • Constant Contact delivers powerful emails, simply, and easily
  • Generate leads, close deals, and manage your pipeline on auto-pilot with HubSpot
  •  Supercharge your marketing analytics automatically with Pardot
  •  Use AdRoll to automate your ad campaigns
  •  Automatically nurture leads effectively with Marketo
  •  Automate your inbound call analytics with Dialog Tech
  •  Deliver personalized campaigns across multiple channels using Oracle Eloqua
  •  Track your marketing interactions across all channels with Bizible
  • Let Act-On seamlessly nurture your inbound and outbound leads

9. Smart Assistants

Smart Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo are getting more mainstream. More and more people are making them their personal assistant for handling daily routine tasks.

These assistants use natural voice processing to carry out results. This is a great example of voice search. In the upcoming years more and more users will depend on virtual assistants for their daily scheduled tasks.

This is another reason why you need to optimize your content for voice search. Voice search is the future.





Final Words:

Trends change every day, every week, every month, every year and digital marketing trends are one of them. Digital Marketing is gaining popularity and is on the rise. There are a lot of businesses out there, every idea you have or had will be or would have been converted into a business. What’s left now is marketing.

Businesses are everywhere but adequate marketing skills are not. Digital Marketing trends are ever changing with the shift in platforms. If you know how to use the existing tools for the promotion of your business, blog or whatever you are in, then you are already way ahead than your competitors.

This article is written to provide you an insight into the hottest Digital Marketing Trends 2019. Techntoss hopes that you will find this article useful and will share with others too. If you guys have any opinions or thoughts, feel free to post a comment or let us know by an email.

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