How to Safeguard Yourself from Data Breaches in 2020 – Safety Guide

It is as yet enticing for programmers to get hold of your information in 2019. Regardless of whether it is your credit/debit card, your standardized savings number, your online accreditations, your media, your logins and so forth.

As we have quite recently ventured in 2019 and this last decade we are increasingly uncovered on the web than in reality.

Many individuals are as yet not mindful of what web security is about. So As a specialist today I will attempt my best to make all of you aware of How to protect yourself from information breaks in 2019.


What is a data breach?

An information break happens when a cybercriminal effectively penetrates an information source and concentrates touchy data.

This should be possible physically by getting to a PC or system to take nearby records or by bypassing system security remotely. The last is frequently the technique used to target organizations.

Coming up next are the means generally engaged with a regular a rupture activity:


The cybercriminal searches for shortcomings in the organization’s security (individuals, frameworks, or system).
This happens when there are spillages of any data, and it winds up simpler for a programmer to get to it.
An organization’s data can be spilled in any capacity a digital criminal can explore for the shortcoming, and use it to assault an organization through the powerless security focuses.


The cybercriminal reaches utilizing either a system or common assault. These assaults influence an organization’s activity and the breakdowns could cost the organization a great deal in fixing the chaos.

Network/Social attack

A system assault happens when a cybercriminal utilizes framework, framework, and application shortcomings to invade an association’s system.

Social crimes include deceiving or bedeviling workers into offering access to the organization’s network. A worker can be hoodwinked into giving his/her login accreditations or might be tricked into opening a noxious connection.

This will assist the programmer with having access to certifications of a particular worker and use it to get to an organization’s information.


Once the cybercriminal gets into one PC, he/she can look at that point, assault the system and passage his/her approach to private organization information.

When the programmer separates the information, the assault is viewed as adequate.

This can be a long haul action which would require fixing since new security strategies would be utilized which can back off the organization’s exercises.

First of all, let’s take a look at last year’s noticeable data breaches:

10. Facebook — 29 million
9. Chegg — 40 million
8. Google+ — 52.5 million
7. Cambridge Analytica — 87 million
6. MyHeritage — 92 million
5. Quora — 100 million
4. MyFitnessPal — 150 million
3. Exactis — 340 million
2. Mariott Starwood hotels — 500 million
1. Aadhar — 1.1 billion


First of all, let’s go through some of the common things which lead to data thefts

Frail and Stolen Credentials, a.k.a. Passwords

Hacking assaults likely could be the most widely recognized reason for an information break; however, it is frequently a powerless or lost secret key that is the powerlessness that is being misused by the entrepreneur programmer. Details demonstrate that 4 out of 5 ruptures delegated a “hack” in 2012 were to some degree brought about by powerless or lost (stolen) passwords! Any programmer would know the stolen passwords if the subject of the hacking shared any nearby data.

Simple Solution

Use complex passwords and never share passwords this ought to be private and classified even to the nearest individuals.

Secondary passages, Application Vulnerabilities

Why try separating the entryway when the entryway is now open? Programmers love to abuse programming applications which are ineffectively composed or organize frameworks which are inadequately planned or actualized; they leave openings that they can slither straight through to get specifically at your information. At whatever point any programmer wishes to break into an organization’s information source, he can pursue the feeble purposes of information security. This has a massive plausibility of loss of information since a programmer can slither in whenever there and can change or wreck information.

Simple Solution

Keep all product and equipment arrangements completely fixed and up and coming. There ought to be a sharp IT division to keep any dangers from assaulting an organization.


The utilization of both direct and in-coordinate Malware is on the ascent. Malware is, by definition, noxious programming: programming stacked without the expectation that opens up access for a programmer to abuse a framework and possibly other associated frameworks. This a risky strategy that can be utilized in quests of large databases as arranged by an aggressor. This Malware is equipped for gathering tone measures of information which is being used as the wellsprings of assaults.

Simple Solution

Be careful about getting to sites which are not what they appear or opening messages where you are suspicious of their source, the two of which are well-known techniques for spreading malware!

Social Engineering

As a programmer, why go to the problem of making your very own passage to abuse when you can induce others with an increasingly genuine case to the much looked for after information, to make it for you?

Simple Solution

If it seems pipe dream then it likely is unrealistic. On the off chance that you would hand down $10 Million US Dollars to somebody, you had never met, OK send them an email?

Windows unpatched security vulnerabilities

At the point when a PC is fixed on the ordinary premise, the digital violations that would prompt the assaults are exceptionally insignificant. Fixing routinely will keep the programmers from getting to any information from your PC.

Simple Solution

Patch PCs in a customer premise.


Use strong passwords to protect devices

  • Always use strong logins for your Computers and Mobile devices and other devices.
  • Done by use of obvious passwords like birthdays, anniversaries, or any other visible date, that someone can guess from your social accounts.
  • Nowadays mobile devices and other devices come with fingerprint readers, its best to use them as a proper security measure.
  • Face verification
  • Use Strong Passwords for your online accounts
  • Passwords play a significant role in security purposes. A strong password is characterized by the use of a mix of alphabets, digits and special symbols. Using a password with these combinations can make it hard for hackers to crack.

 Install or enable a firewall.

• By creating a firewall, a user is confident that any threats that might be occurring are detected. A firewall is very crucial in identifying insecure threats that are about to be initiated. Whenever any issue of a threat arises, the user is notified of insecure malpractice about to be initiated by hackers stalking any system. This firewall is, however, the security field responsible for monitoring the internal secured operations and the external threats trying to hack the systems.

• Secure your wireless network.

• Wireless connections that are used for connectivity between computers should be made secure. Securing these wireless networks can be done by creating passwords that are strong, and only the user can control their access. This means that the owner of the wireless networks is the only authorized person to control any other connection from either internal or external connections. This should be done by accepting and declining the wanted and unwanted connections.

Use encryption to protect data

• Encrypting data is another way of safeguarding cyber-crimes. By encryptions, the interceptors that would try accessing any data are declined, and only the user can have access to the personal data. What’s more, is that encryption is a safer way to prevent any interceptions that are malicious and could cause harm in case of any breaches made. The process can be done by the user of software that is capable of encrypting data to prevent unauthorized access.

Activate two-factor authentication

• In two-factor authentication, a user needs two things that user either have, knows or have access to. Here, the user can use factors such as a username in a combination of a password. This is a secure way of securing data from hackers. The user should be the only person with the knowledge of what the two-factors are and should not share any credentials to anyone even if closer to them. Doing this will secure the databases from any intruder activities since only the user has access to private logins.

Use anti-virus software and anti-spyware

• Antivirus software is the software that prevents any data source from malicious attacks. It prevents viruses from attacking any sources of data. On the other hand, an anti-spyware is software that can be used by the user in the aim of avoiding stalkers from accessing any information or data in an unauthorized way. Both software’s, are capable of preventing any insecure accesses.

What else can you do to prevent these malicious data breaches?

• Other data breaches are done in a way that the users are not aware of. Here are some of the factors to consider when a user finds out that attacks are threatening his security issues.

• Make sure that you log out securely before leaving a connection

• Whenever a user is logged in a website or an account, he/she is in a position to access any

• information or data that he/she needs after the logins. However, some logins are insecure if at any case the user does not log out. A hacker or a cyber-criminal would take advantage of stalking the logged in accounts and source on the required data easily without necessarily logging in from another source. Therefore its necessary for a user to log out after completing any tasks.

You can also checkout our Quick Steps on How to Secure your Online Identity

You are updating the OS of your device

• The Operating system of a device needs to be updated regularly. Updating the OS keeps the device up to date. Although it is done for upgrading the machine, it is also necessary since through the update the security update is also done. Regularly updating the operating system will help in preventing any possible data losses that may be caused by outdated Operating Systems.

Look for security Patch updates

• Patches being set of changes to computer programs, a user should have updated systems that will be capable of fixing any security issues to improve the performances. This can be done by upgrading the security weak-points and other insecure functions that would lead to a natural attack.


• These are the virtual private networks. Their technology is very crucial since it is used in the creation of secure connections between computers. The virtual private networks are responsible for protecting a user’s privacy, and this will allow the user to be diverse and operate at any place of choice.

• Password managers like: Mcafee right key, last pass

• A user can create passwords which are secure to make sure that he protects all his accounts from any attack threats from untrusted sources. This will be facilitated by the user having access to a secure password generator that will generate secure passwords that will probably be safe for their accounts. After doing that, he should later encrypt them in a vault.

 Password generators

• The use of the password generator as discussed above is significant for protecting privacy stuff from breaches. This service can be beneficial since it also creates random passwords which are very safe and the user only is the only person with the ability to have access to them.

• Antiviruses and the option of secure banking in them, for example, safe pay in BitDefender

• The user can be in a position to secure his online banking and other transactions taking place online. By doing this, he can use the relevant security measures to make sure that all online activities are made fast and securely.



Always use strong passwords and also take care of your online habits. Watch what you are surfing online, which website you are browsing on, where you are submitting your credentials. It is very important now to take care of your online information. Use the above solutions I have shared with you, it doesn’t mean you can never get hacked or so but an army should stand on the gate. Every country whether its a strong one or the weak have their army standing on the border no matter what.

You should also use these solutions to build your army So that they can shield you against small attacks and can prevent you upto some extent in case of the bigger one.

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