Artificial Intelligence Definition : An Indepth Overview

What is Artificial Intelligence: The Artificial Intelligence Definition

This article contains a complete Artificial Intelligence Definition along with most common examples where it is being used. A video is also shared at the end of this post along with an infographic. If you really want to enhance your knowledge regarding the definition of Artificial Intelligence, what Artificial Intelligence is and what are the most common examples of Artificial Intelligence, then this article is perfect for you.

Artificial Intelligence consists of complex computational mechanisms that mimic human behavior to solve problems. In simple words, the computer thinks like a person to perform the tasks. Human Brain can analyze the data, find patterns or trends in them, create more informed analysis from there and then use the conclusions to make decisions.

Artificial Intelligence also follows the same principle, it acts similar to the brain, as the more we perform a task, the more skillful we become because of our ability to learn. The same is with Artificial intelligence; it trains itself with each execution. It learns through the data.

In 1956 John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence and elaborate Artificial Intelligence Definition as the Science and Engineering of making Intelligent Machines. It refers to the intelligence of a machine in contrast to that of human intelligence.

It’s not a simple technology; it is instead a collection of technologies. A technology that will replace human interference up to some extent or may be fully in the future.

There is a number of sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can be found in from common applications to space research, A.I. robots or driverless cars, etc.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, where machines learn through the data fed. Machine Learning learns by analyzing the data. A lot of data is supplied to the machines, and then the machine analyzes that data and learns accordingly and then make the decisions as per.

Computational learning theory is the mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms and their performance and is a well-defined branch of theoretical computer science.

A Few Examples:

Artificial intelligence in business management

Applications of AI in business management include:

  • spam filters
  • smart email categorization
  • voice to text features
  • smart personal assistants, such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now
  • automated responders and online customer support
  • process automation
  • sales and business forecasting
  • security surveillance
  • smart devices that adjust according to behavior
  • automated insights, especially for data-driven industries (eg financial services or e-commerce)

Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

AI in e-commerce can be evident in:

  • smart searches and relevance features
  • personalization as a service
  • product recommendations and purchase predictions
  • fraud detection and prevention for online transactions
  • dynamic price optimization based on machine learning

Artificial intelligence in marketing

Examples of AI in marketing include:

  • recommendations and content curation
  • personalization of news feeds
  • pattern and image recognition
  • language recognition – to digest unstructured data from customers and sales prospects
  • ad targeting and optimized, real-time bidding
  • data analysis and customer segmentation
  • social semantics and sentiment analysis
  • automated web design
  • predictive customer service

These above are the most common examples of the power of machine learning. These apps, objects learn through the data and act accordingly.

Knowledge engineering is a core part of A.I. research. Machines, if provided with sufficient information relating to the real world, can often act and react like humans. With access to objects, categories, properties, and relations between all can be implemented knowledge engineering. Integrating common sense, real human behavior, logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities in a machine is a tedious and challenging task.

Robotics is also a part of Artificial Intelligence, or we can say a major field related to A.I. Higher Intelligence is required to handle everyday human tasks like walking, sitting, turning or complex tasks such as object manipulation, motion planning, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Examples


Apple’s Personal Assistant Siri is the most common example where Artificial Intelligence is used. This voice-activated software uses artificial intelligence to detect and convert human voice into text and is capable of taking voice instructions and executing.

It also Uses Machine Learning to learn to keep learning the user preferences, search terms, voice with the usage.


This smart device by Amazon marketed as Personal Assistant is capable of taking user instructions, schedule appointments, set alarms and n number of things. The technology behind this masterpiece is Artificial Intelligence. It recognizes user; s voice and follows the instructions accordingly.


Tesla is another typical example of Artificial Intelligence in use. This machine is not an ordinary car but a smart one. The vehicle provides features lie self-driving, supercharging and other sheer features. This machine is getting smarter and smarter with each Over the Air update.


Cogito is the most powerful examples of behavioral adaptation to improve the emotional intelligence of customer support representatives. This company is a mix of machine learning and behavioral science; It is aimed to improve customer interaction for phone professionals.


A company uses machine learning to improve the customer’s experience in the travel industry a new concept. It delivers ‘micro-moments,’ or experiences to relish the customers along the way. By using the blend of machine learning and the Artificial Intelligence the company is helping its customers to find new ways to interest their clients in their travel journeys.

John Paul

A luxury travel concierge company is another powerful example of Artificial Intelligence in use. It has predictive algorithms for existing-client interactions that can understand and know their desires and needs acutely. Millions of customers are being served through the world’s largest companies including VISA, Orange and Air France, etc. and was recently acquired by Accor Hotels.

Everyone with access to the internet knows Amazon; it’s a very familiar and common name now. Amazon does use Artificial Intelligence; it’s Transactional A.I. is in existence for quite some time. Its algorithms are being refined more and more with each year. The algorithm has gotten acutely smart at predicting just what we’re interested in purchasing based on our online behavior. It plans to ship products to us before we even know we need them but not in the meantime but surely shortly.


Another famous name in the industry Netflix. Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence to predict customer’s reactions to movies. By analyzing billions of records, it suggests the user movies as per user’s reactions and previous choices of movies. The software behind it is getting extremely smart with the growing database.


A.I. Technology used by Pandora is quite possibly the most revolutionary one. The musical DNA according to them. The blend of human and technology is in sync so well. A team of professional musicians first analyzes the song based on specific criteria. The algorithm has an incredible track record for recommending the exact songs that the user would love.


Nest, the learning thermostat which was acquired by Google way back in 2014 for $3.2 Billion. The Product uses behavioral algorithms to learn and predict your heating and cooling needs, thus adjusting the temperature of your room, home accordingly.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence is a vast field, expanding every day and creating more intelligent machines. According to the predictions of well known intelligent personalities, In the near future, a huge amount of humans will be replaced by intelligent machines. Now the computers are not limited to just complex calculations they are way more than that competing with human intelligence.

As the machines are growing intelligent less human interference is required. More and Bigger corporations are employing big machines cutting off human labors. On the other hand, intelligent software is understanding your needs and helping you find out the best tv shows that you can watch, the best music that you can hear, assist you with your tasks, follows your orders and much more making your lives much easier.

Nobody knows if it’s a blessing for mankind or a curse in disguise for those who are losing jobs but for sure its a complete revolution.

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