About Us

The web now is flooded with low-quality false content. Billions of blogs are out there and 80-90% of them promotes fake news and low-quality content leaving the user’s confused and blind. If continue to grow then the time will come, when we will not be able to find the original genuine content. This was the reason why techntoss was born. Techntoss curates the technical top trending and problem-centric half written low-quality content from the internet and re-creates it by adding value and proper content by researching on it. We are continuously monitoring the web for latest┬átop trending technology news from original┬ásources and questions that people raised in public forums. The main focus of techntoss is to provide genuine and full fledge information.

This is an effort to fight against worthless and fake information flowing over the internet. We want only genuine information with proper research to flow and reach masses. We believe in information flow. Every information should flow to the masses.

We have provided our contact information in Contact Us page So, you can reach us in case you feel there is something we need to change or you can also send your own best content with proper research, we will publish that after finding it useful enough to let it flow over the web.

Thank You!